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Lost concept 1,2,3,4

Sidhant Gupta
Mixed Media on Paper 24''inch X 60''inch Inches Contemporary
Through Mind mapping i am showing an Environmental projection of living beings transition between past ,present and their consequences in future. Basically i Influenced with cartographical projection technique "Mercator, Bonnes and Zenithal projection I concerned d about humans, birds and animals conditions. Actually they all are facing same on plane projective surfaces(Earth) so that's why they all are dissect on the plane earth. In the 1st work showing ancient mesozoic period where massive birds existed but in present it is so different. In the work a bird dissect top to bottom and flying up to downward showing a transitional effect on all bird species. In present time their invisibility is our concern about the planet because lot of birds extinct due to climate changes and the rest are the remain shown in the background circles as skeleton. These differences could be put our planet in very critical situation. In the 2nd work where a tiger skin lie down on the plane earth. That showing medieval history where hunting on their peak. Due to hunting and deforestation we lost survival circle and forest beauty. Through our Hindu Mythology Lord Shiva get victory on very powerful animal Tiger that's why they put down tiger skin but in present all animals stand on extinction because of medieval warrior hunting rituals. In the 3rd work i try to show that demons who eating our nature. In the center of painting a leaf lying down on the surface covered with cage and at the same place bunch of termite colony covering down of the leaf where lots of termite ate flowers. Here termite is a simile for humans those who are playing with nature ,with their selfish purpose and now when many species reach their own extinction then they regret their own behaviours. In the 4rd work I'm commenting on main subject that called human. This human is the main cause of population decrease of all species but this species still rapidly growing in all over the world. These Rapid growth are subject to main concern about the overpopulation and their consequences. In the work human population spreading all around the earth surface. These population not spreading on the land but also spreading on the ocean. In present scenario human population reached in the ocean and the made their homes just because of overpopulation. So these overpopulation reveal in the form of diseases ,malnutrition ,violence and global warming which is very harmful for our planet and actually this is a very serious issue in present world.
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My art pratice accomplish my deep thought over culture and nature's language that counter human tendencies. In the core of the work human tendencies overpowered on nature hierarchy and these hierarchy maintain human need in other way.These works going around dissection, mapping and decoding. These three elements explain human tendencies and questioning how human selfish purpose could change our cultural environment. In Some work indulgence of visual observation and vast spatial engagement is more important. so let explain how these three elements working around the work. In the hindu mythology lord shiva is the first decoder in this Universe .They dissect and decode tiger as a symbol of victory upon animal and nature not for selfish purpose. But now human took that in another meaning. If we talk about present scenario every word meaning has been changed and they gone to extinction in recent few centuries. Mythology and Indian art culture is very important for me as an art practitioner and Indian miniature art is more fascinating subject. So in my concept I want to show all observation through miniature technique which I felt.