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time space identity

Dwijen Joshi
Acrylic on Canvas 18 X 18 Inches Abstract
It looks like chaos but it is a structured presentation of the method of understanding and analyzing any phenomena that is or was present in this world. To understand any phenomenon, it is crucial to figure out its identity and also the time and space it belongs to. This painting is based on the shape of Triangle, the most stable shape in geometry. It contains 3 dots on it, namely time, space and identity. The identity varies but the time and space remains constant till eternity regardless of the presence of any identity. However, Identity is paramount under any circumstances whether people realize it or not. Different identities present in the entire human kind participate as a whole to create an impact on this world. Therefore, the conscious and constructive presence of identity is crucial in a given time and space. Developing an understanding of the core of our identities is required to have a direction in life. That core Is nothing but the conscious and subconscious of an individual. In the center, the concentration of colors has represented the concentration of consciousness, its intensity and effect. Each and every other element of the painting are connected with variegated emotions known to mankind. Hence, the painting is the juxtaposition of every emotion, every aggression and every ounce of patience and passion pertaining to the realization of how important identity is for a given time and space.
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Consciousness is the core of our identity woven in the fabric of time and space.