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the disclosure

Dwijen Joshi
Acrylic on Canvas 120 X 120 Inches Abstract
“Society”- the one word that leaves most of us shattered, whacked and clueless in several moments of life. The society we live in exercises a dominant influence on us since the day we were born. As and when we grow up, this influence gets mixed with our personal journey of development that results in our distinctiveness. Here starts the satirical drama of disclosure. It is different for different people in intensity and influence but the crux of the drama remains the same. The society’s perception of who we are and what we can achieve is so dominant on some of us that they slip under the influence of its baseless opinions and can’t see their harm in it, rather they start believing it to be the everlasting truth. And then there are others who have the knowledge of these misconceptions but have suffocated themselves from not expressing who they truly are due to fear. As opposed to them, there also exists a class of people who have garnered the courage to fight against this fear of being judged and misperceived. Hence, those are the ones who have begun their journey of Disclosure amidst all the chaos. Disclosure is a long overdue process that we owe to ourselves. The layers of society’s opinions have stacked up on the surface of our individuality. However, the people who don’t want to be weighed down by these unwanted layers work hard to remove those, one after the other until they minimize the weight on them. The painting belongs to all the people who have sailed the ship that lands on the shores of individuality and freedom.
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a stinging satire on social oppression.