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Sister Library

Aqui Thami
Others 120 X 90 Inches Contemporary
Powered by women’s excellence, Sister Library is a generative artwork and a travelling feminist library that seeks active engagement and participation, questioning voices that dominate the mainstream, highlighting voices that have been Othered in the past and present. A continually growing, curated collection, Sister Library contains over a hundred novels, texts, zines, and other publications, by women writers and artists from India and abroad.
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Sister Library is powered by female excellence and a space to celebrate female creativity. The library holds one thousand works of women writers, artists and zine-makers. It is an evolving and generative artwork that engages with in-depth reflection on the visual and reading culture of our times. The goal of the project is to bring together readers to explore the literary contribution, showcase the artistic quality and celebrate the contributions of women in the creative world as well as to foster interests and understanding of the accomplishments of women writers and artists. Founded by Aqui Thami, it is also the first community-owned feminist library in South Asia.