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She thinks, therefore she does

Saudamini Mishra
Mixed Media on Canvas 31 X 24 Inches Figurative
(Medium- acrylic and Linen fabric) This painting is from my 'Dhi's journal' series. My paintings are depicted as my alter ego Dhi's journal pages. Here she is shown as role playing her grandmother's sister when she was a newly married woman, in the colonial era. She was only sixteen years of age, when from she came to live in Delhi from her village in Haryana, post being married to one of the wealthiest government officials. Her naivete represented by the Japanese doll she carries is betrayed by the intensity of premature womanhood reflected in her eyes.
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This painting is supposed to communicate the message of woman empowerment through the androgynous intellect. She wears a typewriter on her head as a crown ( Dhi's emblem), that shows her quick thinking and how a woman is capable of craving the greatest odds solely because of the power of her mind and an intellect that doesn't cease to question.