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Presence of My ruined Family 2019

Sriparna Dutta
Others 120 X 120 Inches Contemporary
collected clothes from myself and my family, stitched and embroidery, laptop, fan, cooler, vase, calendar on a table covered by handmade tablecloth
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In this work I make a Kantha quilt. I want the viewers to sit or lay and sleep also on that mat and spend time. This mat is made up of my family members’ clothes – me, my elder sister, my mother and father. The clothes are their used clothes, related to their body, and they are not discarded. They are juxtaposed together. The togetherness is not possible in reality because my father is no more with us, and I also stay outside. Only my mother and didi stay together. So while the viewers can sit on that mat and spend their time, I can also feel the togetherness among them. This quilt is made of cottons, so it is very fluffy, thus very comfortable for sitting. I arrange a small Air cooler and a fan for that space and a video is played in my laptop. This is a 3-channel video, where in one channel I rummage the clothes, and in the centre video I wear those clothes and in the 3rd one I folded the clothes. This clothes are collected from my family – me, my mother, didi, and my passed away father. The togetherness which is not possible in real life, I feel that togetherness while acting it, while juxtaposing the sound of a ruined void conversation with my father. I burn incenses that my family uses at home to recreate the smell which makes the viewer feel more of the presence of my family.