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Mysticism of Simplicity

Rajani Arya
Sculpture 45 X 15 Inches Contemporary
Thru this artwork I go back in time; to a world of simplicity and of Innocence. This is my attempt to transport myself in the past of simpler days when need and desire were two distinct entities. When less was more. This artwork favors the minimalist approach towards life. With Metal Wires I have tried to create an image that resembles to the past and to the future as well. The aesthetic beauty belongs to the olden days, and the technicality of it comes from the futuristic material.
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The ancient technique of basket weaving is used in this sculpture. Since the beginning of human civilization woven baskets have been the most used items. I have used different gauges of Copper and Aluminium wires to recreate the simplicity of baskets. A fallen tree branch is used as a base to keep the baskets together like flowers. Different shapes and sizes has been used to make it more aesthetically pleasing.