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Nandi Varanasi Ghat

Sachindra Nath Jha
Fiber Glass and Glossy Paint 15 X 10 Inches Sculptures
Ghat is series of steps leading down to a water body, and the Ghats of Varanasi are the most mesmerizing on earth. The auspicious scenario full of magnificent works and activities are the creations of human. And in more common term Ghats are known for their pandits, pandas etc. Beside the banks of Varanasi, in front of the temples an aroma of serenity flows. Puja- path, Ganga -Asnan, temple sight etc. depends on conviction. Disciples offer phool- patti, sacrament to their respective incarnation of God. They worship jal, pathar, ped- podhe, birds, cows etc. and engross in their beauty of colours. As per religion, pujas' had been performed in a ritualistic manner by the pandits. Each and every festival has its own significance and is practiced accordingly. In these festivities disciples use rang, flowers, kumkum, chandan and many other things. But in all of these flowers has its own mesmerizing glow. Lal, pila, narangi, saffed and other colour flowers are used in puja which represents the beauty of our culture. These florals have led to the innovation of chirping birds on the Head. It seems as if the whole nature has been potraited.Beside the banks of Varanasi, in front of the temples an aroma of serenity flows. Head is the perfect image of purity and development. Banks, temples, stairs etc. expresses religious love among people. Flowers bring optimism and joviality. Combination of colours has been used to show the relation between bhoot and vartaman kal. Hence, humans are the most beautiful creation of God. That’s why my work has multifarious glowing and sharp colours representing a combination of truth and fiction, that had kept the respect of art.
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