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Bheeshma Kumar Sharma
Sculpture 27 X 60 Inches Contemporary
Bridges are the lifeline of modern society especially the secluded areas, covering the trenches of civilization. These structures are built to sustain the enormous intensity of Earthquakes and any form of Man-made disasters. Millions of livelihood depends on these megastructures where logistics is always a challenge, I created a post-apocalyptic form of suspension bridge which conjugates with my idea of men and disasters.
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A weld metal sculpture made out of Galvanized Iron and then hammered vigorously to obtain the desired destructive image which is a result of Earthquakes. I started working on this subject when my hometown was hit by a Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake in 2014, during that time I was pursuing my bachelors in Sculpture from MSU Baroda. Many falaties and loss of property made me realize the importance of good quality construction especially on the areas under The Fault Line.