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Dear teacher, I do not know the right answer to your question.

Aditya vardhan singh Rathore
Watercolor on Paper 33 X 49 Inches Contemporary
My fascination has been listening and reading stories incidences, facts, news, science and fiction or any other form of potential information. Listening is naturally followed by imagination. The imagination which is very much like sculpting a form in mind. There is a continuous analysis happening making the act of imagination more vulnerable. The sculpted image or conception is nothing but superimposing interpretations truly organic in nature. There have been stories happening every now and then and stories are omnipresent. A Story develops from nothing but our own reality. They are so much intrinsic to our everyday lives that it is often difficult to separate a story from a reality. My interest has been this curious space between a story and the so called reality, both often rubbing shoulders with each other. Stories appear to act as a perfect embodiment of this inter mediation of facts (stories) and fantasy (imaginative reality). Through my practice I intend to conceive the idea that very much like our reality there is a parallel absurdity paving the way for further realities. Art practice to me is an open ended commentary upon the information received, inviting newer imagination and associations.
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Informations and facts have surrounded us since time immemorial. We have been visually experiencing less but hearing and imagining more. Hearing is thus more of an indirect experience where information received is open to various interpretation and manipulations. The present work is such an interpretation on a general fact about the skin color of a polar bear. There is an anticipation of a hidden meaning into the facts taking irrational logics.